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How to Create Account Bonds That Are Bulletproof – Flip Your Triangles

Here is a selling concept that is arguably a fundamental, but it’s one that is too often missed…

The “One and Done” Account Relationship.

“So what,” you might say, “One relationship is all that I need to get my contract signed!” That may be true.  But, I guarantee that in today’s dynamic business environment, one relationship will not keep that Account for you – much less keep it growing.

We all know that our contacts at an Account must be deep, and constantly refreshed.  But sometimes we forget that they also must be Plentiful.

Picture two triangles bonded by one point a the apex. Only the tips of these triangles are holding them together.  Our one point equals our one relationship – you and your key contact. No matter how strong this one relationship, do you think that bond will be strong at the Account level?  Not strong enough!  Even if that relationship is the Chairman of the Board or the CEO, there will be changes in careers, dynamics in responsibility, relocations, re-orgs, spin-offs, changes in priorities, and on and on. Here’s another challenge to your one point bond – How about our top competitor coming to town deciding they will buy the business and co-opt your contact by building momentum with other buyers in the account?  News flash…Your bond won’t hold.

Relationships point


Now, picture the same two triangles, only this time they are bonded by many points along their bases. Our many points equal our many relationships.  You, your President, your COO, your Marketing Director, your VP of Distribution, your Customer Service Manager, etc. – all connected through you to their peers at your Account.  Now, no matter what happens to one or two of them, the bond is strong.  Imagine that competitor coming to town in this scenario.  They will simply bounce off.  It’s unbreakable.  It’s…Bulletproof.  

Relationships 2


Challenge: Think through your Account list right now.  How many of your Accounts are linked by only one key contact?  More than half? Don’t feel bad.  That sums up my informal poll over the last 25 years.

There are plenty of great books out there for building deeper and more abundant client relationships. Here is a quick Amazon search with some great recently published books on the subject.

But here’s the thing – regardless of your methods to build those relationships, you should not be wondering what to do on Monday morning.  Plot your course and expand those relationships…Flip Your Triangles!